Violin and Piano  
  Violoncello and Piano  
  Violoncello and Recitation  
  Oboe and Piano  
  Songs with Pianoacompaniment  
  Music for Stage  
  Style fuguée  
2 Preludes  
4 Preludes  
Prelude in B flat minor  
7 Phantasy Pieces  
11 Greek Dances  
Romance Pathétique  
Romantic Serenata  
Love Song  
2 Romances  
2 Reveries  
Invention Religieuse  
Andante Capriccioso  
Hentika,the Gypsy  
Sheafers Dance  
Lyrical Suite  
Melodie Pathétique  
Lyrical Suite  
Melodie Pathétique  
5 Greek Folk-Dances  
Elegiac Fantasy (String Quartet)  
Diptychon (String Quartet)  
Despo Folksong
The Doe Folksong
Cretan Songs Folksong
The Song of the Loom Folksong
At a lonely Beach E. Moschonas
Lacrimae Rerum L. Porfyras
Epigram L. Porfyras
Poème Symphonique G. Kasassoglou
Chains I. Polemis
Coliva I. Polemis
Together forever Mario Cantoni / G.Kasassoglou
Love Barcarole Th. Tranga
A Mother's Grief Ath. Tarssouli
Carneval's Song St. Chalkiadakis
The Field-Worker's Death G. Makridis
Sad Daydreaming I. Noussia
The Frogs Unbekannt
Ghost-Dance Gr. Xenopoulos
Beautiful Twilight G. Makris
In the Yard K. Welmiras
Godmother's Words G. Drossinis
Longing D. Moatsou
The Morning I. Trikoglidis
Melancholy I. Kougioulis
Your Kisses I. Gryparis
In the Violet Sky I. Gryparis
Since that Evening Ath. Tarssouli
Fragment T. Agras
Lullaby 1 Kl. Mimikou
Lullaby 2 K. Xenakis
Byzantine Miniature Ang. Terzakis
Archaic Miniature K. Sambathas
Spring Song G. Kasassoglou
Little Song 1 G. Filippou
The Little Spring K. Sambathas
Little Song 2 M. Malakassis
Macabre Ath. Tarssouli
The Loom Ath. Tarssouli
The Source of Forgetting L. Mavilis
Argyro's Song Anonymous
The Immortals V. Theod. Livada
She said, she 'd come in March K. Velmyras
Moon, up in the Sky K. Velmyras
The Song of the Dawn K. Hadzopulos
Oh Earth ! S. Morfis
Virgin Mother A. Sikelianos
Cruel Sea N. Sfyroeras
The Song of the Forest N. Genimatas
Of my Lonliness Myrtiotissa
Cycle:Ode to the Poet Valaoritis A. Sikelianos
1. Up on the Watchtower  
2. Encounter  
3. Like the Roar of a Lion  
4. To your Glory  
5. Prayer  
Medora's Song L. Raselou
The Shepherdesses Lover Folksong
If you knew G Markatou
Serenity D. Solomos
The May Day D. Solomos
The Poisoned Woman D. Solomos
Holding Hands in the Shade D. Solomos
Gracious Godmother D. Solomos
April and Eros D. Solomos
The Destruction of Psara D. Solomos
"Solomos" D. Solomos
Love K. Assimakopoulos / N. Matsas
Pathetic Hymn K. Palamas
The Fragrance of the Rose K. Palamas
The Dance G. Athanas
Cycle:"The Village, Game of five Pebbles" G. Athanas
1. The Little Stream  
2. The Birds of the Valley  
3. The Youth  
4. Basil  
5. Joy  
Cycle:"The Mountain, Game of five Pebbles" G. Athanas
1. The Sheafer's Little Hut  
2. The Mysterious Spring in the Woods  
3. Deep, Inaccessible Canyon  
4. Bubbling Stream  
5. My lonely, humble Chapel  
Diptychon G.Athanas
1. You are so kind  
2. We are pass and sing  
Margreta's Lullaby H. Ibsen / L. Koukoula
The tears of the Rain N. Stassinopoulos
Cycle of 5 Songs N. Messinesi
1. The Shyness  
2. The Blossom  
3. Serenade  
4. Your Hands  
5.The Response  
Ecstatic Melody  
At the Oropos Hill S. Morfis
Of Birds and Pain S. Morfis
Seven Greek Folksongs  
1. I was a Shepherd  
2. The Falcon-Girl  
3. Lullaby  
4. Up on the Kastilata  
5. Down at the Beach  
6. The Little Black Lamb  
7. The Doe  
Three Byzantine Psalms Sp. Peristeri
10 Folksongs from Asia Minor  
13 Miscellaneous Songs  
3 Songs for mixed choir  
12 Folksongs  
19 Songs for a School-Choir  
From the ancient Greek Tragedies  
Delphic Hymn I. Marinos
Andromache Euripides / N. Poriotis
Antigone Sophokles / I. Gryparis
Iphigenia in Tauris Euripides / I. Marinos
Paean Aischylos
Ion Euripides / N. Poriotis
Prometheus Aeschylus / L. Karsis
Oedipus Rex Sophokles
Elektra Euripides / K. Alepi
Helena Euripides / D. Moatsou
Hymn to Democracy I. Koutsoheras
Olympic Hymn K. Palamas
6 Folksongs (from various countries)  
Four Preludes On The Return From The Front  
The Last Night of Byzantium  
Lyrical Triptych (Arcadi)  
Twilight at ancient Tanagra  
Suite No. 1  
Olympic Hymn  
Choreographic Triptych  
2 Pieces for Chamber Orchestra  
Interlude and Lamentation  
Byzantine Sketch  
20 Songs with Orchestra  
Penthesilea Heinrich von Kleist
Hellas Percy Shelley
Richard III. W. Shakespeare
A Winter´s Tale W. Shakespeare
As You Like It W. Shakespeare
Antony und Cleopatra W. Shakespeare
The Pretenders H. Ibsen
10 Plays by Greek authors  
10 Ancient Tragedies  
Andromache Euripides / N. Poriotis
Antigone Sophokles / Fr. Hölderlin
Iphigenie in Tauris Euripides / Goethe
Ion Euripides / N. Poriotis
Prometheus Aischylos / Linos Karsis
Oedipus Rex Sophokles
Elektra Euripides / Koulis Alepis
Helena Euripides / Fr. Hölderlin
Bacches Euripides / Th. Stavros
The Clouds Aristophanes / Mario Meunier
2 Choreographic Preludes for the Piano  
Archaic Triptych for the Piano  
Choreographic Triptych for Piano/Orchestra  
Narkissos for the Piano  
Spirits on the Riverbank for Piano/Orchestra  
Dangerous Mission  
Black Earth N. Sfyroeras
The Murderer loved too much I. Daïfas
The Vision  
The Engagement M. Hatzinakou
Father's Secret A. Tsolakis
The She-Wolf M. Chatzinakou
I Ruined my Life in one Night M. Nowak
The Duchess of Plakentia N. Sfyroeras
Far Away from the World O. Laskos
The Going Astray of an Innocent K. Andritsos
The Lady with the Camelias K. Assimakopoulos / N. Matsas